After 11 years of fact, fiction, rumour, speculation, wisdom, gossip & bullshit and the intent to provide a platform for anyone to 'have a say', Airhead has retired. In providing the 'Poop on Perth Radio' we would like to thank everybody who has had an involvement over the years, to our associates and friends - a big thanks and to our antogonists and nay-sayers - fuck you buddy!

We are satisfied to have served a purpose for all these years and are ever-hopeful that a semi-lazy industry will/can get its collective shit together and be all it can/should be before it disappears up it's own arse. If in some way, all of this has helped improve the Perth Radio Industry, then great, mission accomplished! Most of the credit goes to you guys...

It always has and will always be up to you...... But just imagine if your old pals, The Eds, ran a station (Team Eds, Fuck Yeah..!!)

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